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  • Do you have a gender preference?
    No, I’m bisexual. I don’t have a preference. Any gender (or lack thereof) can serve Me.
  • What kind of domme are you?
    I’m a pretty gentle domme. I’m not very strict, and I don’t want to control ALL of your life. I like forming bonds with those who serve Me and treat them differently depending on who they are and what they enjoy.
  • Can I be your pet?
    Through devotion, time, and effort maybe. In the end it is My choice and depends on how much chemistry I feel you have with Me. Read Here
  • Do I have to tribute?
    You don’t have to tribute if you aren't able to or comfortable. It is something that turns Me on but not at the expense of your own health.
  • Will you force me to do anything?
    No. All the things I do, are with consent. I don't enjoy forcing and fighting someone for power. Rather I enjoy a gentle seduction into what I want, and it still requires your consent. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
  • What are you into?
    Coerced Bisexuality, brainwashing, long term conditioning, worship, Findom, Gentle Femdom, Muscle Sluts, Consensual Non Consent, casual hypnosis Oh and taking silly little minds and slowly bending them to My will until their purpose is to serve and please Me.
  • What are you not into?
    Foot fetishes, sissification, humiliation, Mommy/Daddy kink, baited statements (“I don’t think you can hypnotize me”), people in closed relationships, non-consent, abuse, repetitive questions.
  • What got you into hypnosis?
    I’ve always been into hypnosis, even as a young girl. Hypnosis and mind control in media (mostly cartoons) influenced that desire. It was about two years ago that I finally decided to teach Myself and find My hypnosis mojo. For a more in depth story, read this.
  • What do you like about hypnosis?
    Oh, it’s so deliciously fun. Hearing someone go mindless, watching their face as they drop. The suggestions you can make. The way you can mess with their body, their senses, their thoughts. I live for it. I love doing this.
  • I want to take a break/ don’t want to be under for you anymore.
    That is perfectly fine. Whatever the reason, take care of yourself when you need it. And if you want to leave, best wishes!
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