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What you'll find in My socials

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Ok, so under the socials tab, there is quite a few things and it can be a bit confusing. So I'm just going to quickly go over what they are and what you can expect to find on them in terms of My interaction and content.


On youtube you will find many of My videos. From vlogs, to sfw livestreams/games, to videos of Me hypnotizing you and My files as well as samples of NSFW files. I don't upload on a schedule and I don't upload My NSFW content on there (for obvious reasons). It's a fun place to hear My voice or see My face and rewatch your favorite videos over and over again.


This platform is similar to OnlyFans, if some of you are familiar with it. You pay a monthly subscription to be able to see the pictures and clips that I post. I post pretty much all of My pictures and clips here. There is an option to follow for free, but then you only get to see the posts I post for free. Additionally, there are options to tip Me and options for Me to send messages you must pay to view. It's quite fun.


After Tumblr decided to self destruct and most of the community jumped ship, I consider Twitter My main casual platform. I post little selfies, short clips, My thoughts, My desires, as well as updates. If you want updates on what I'm up to faster, Twitter is the way to go.


On Chaturbate I also do livestreams. However since it is a NSFW site, I can tease a lot more than I can on youtube. No you will not see Me nude. But I will tease you, I will take your mind, I will be lovely and seductive, and maybe talk about some fun things. I can be tipped during streams on Chaturbate. These are also not scheduled, so if you want to know when I stream you can sign up and follow Me to receive an email when I am on. Or follow My twitter, as I will most likely tweet before I start streaming.


While Tumblr is still a bit of a dumpster fire, I do still post on there occasionally. I don't post as often, or as much content as I do on Twitter or StarsAVN but it is still active. I don't make gifs as often as I used to, so most of My content on Tumblr is occasional pics and clips.

Discord Server

In My discord server, you get to chat with Me and other people who enjoy serving Me/ enjoy My content. There are many different chat rooms to interact with, though they aren't always active all the time so it doesn't get overwhelming. To see the full server, you do have to age verify with a mod by showing ID with your date of birth on it (and all other info covered). Sometimes we get on voice chat and hang, or play games together.


I'm not too sure how much longer this will be available as Soundcloud has been banning other hypno creators. Until then, My soundcloud has some of My free audio files. That's about it.


Pretty much what it says. This link has absolutely all of My links, as well as options to tribute and pay for My snapchat and kik usernames. Most of the links on there are already available through My website, but I figured I'd add it anyway.