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Spool of thread

You hold a spool of thread in your hands

It has no visible beginning or end

You try following one thread to try to find and end but it simply gets lost in the seemingly endless lines of thread

You pick another spot and try again, spinning the spool around and around in your fingers focusing very hard on finding the beginning

The thread seems to go in forever as you twirl it around and around following the endless spiral it forms

Lost in concentration you twirl it over and over and over

You don’t remember why you began this task

But you can’t seem to stop following the lines as you search

Eventually you accept there is no beginning or an end

It was simply a trap

And now you are stuck mesmerized by the illusion you have created

Lost in the movement you made until someone comes to free you or take you deeper

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Én kommentar

31. jan. 2020

I know my Goddess will free me and take me deeper at Her will.

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