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How do I please You?

The most obvious answer is to tribute. But that isn’t all there is to serving and pleasing Me.


Devotion is important to Me. 

Enjoying My content, and engaging with it.

Worshipping Me by praising Me, complimenting Me, and expressing your adoration for Me and being under My control

I even enjoy when pets make things for Me, whether it’s poetry, art, music, anything that shows thought and effort towards My pleasure.


And if I ever require or desire anything from you, I’ll tell you. You don’t have to ask Me if I have a task for you. Your default task is to continue worshipping Me, working towards pleasing Me, and conditioning yourself to My control with My content.


Lastly, the most basic way to please Me is to take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Work on your faults and if you need to, ask for professional help. Please Me by helping to make sure I don’t have to worry too much about your well being while serving Me.

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