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Flipping the script

This is an approximation of the events and the dialog isn't accurate. Still a fun time.


Skyping with one of My pets while we hung out and chatted. He mentions how the trope of flipping hypnosis on the hypnotist is fun. As I am not a switch, it wouldn't work with Me but I had an idea.

I had him grab a pendant to use and ordered him to "try" to hypnotize Me. He began to swing his pendant and I smiled, amused. Usually someone trying to hypnotize Me pisses Me off. But in this case I had something fun in mind.

Swinging his pendant back and forth he starts saying some basic induction lines. To follow the pendant. To watch it swing back and forth. Trying to draw focus and attention on the pendant.

So I agree.

"Yes, it is just so pretty to watch and follow isn't it?" As I watched his eyes go from Me to his own swinging pendant.

"Yes", he insists, looking back at Me, "it's very relaxing to watch as it swings over and over"

Just My simple suggestion was already starting to affect him. I watched as he struggled to keep his focus on Me and not his own pendant.

Amused, I continued," It's just so hard to look at it isn't it? Just watching it go back and forth over and over and over already makes your eyes feel tired, your mind feel slow. So just keep watching until you sink deep under My spell"

Finally it was too much for his poor little mind and I watched as his body went limp, dropping the pendant and rolling his head back.

Such a cute attempt. So I made him wake up and try again. He is the kind of subject that doesn't remember what happens when he is under. He doesn't remember dropping to his own pendant, thinking we just started.

I have him try multiple times, each round slowly making him slip back under for Me then waking up not remembering a thing. Of course he never stood a chance but it was very amusing watching him fall from his own pendant while attempting to get Me.

After I had My fun, I made him stop as I continued taking control over his mind.

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