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Holo fan

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Every time I post a clip with My holo fan, people go nuts. I don't blame them, it's really really cool. So thought I'd share a bit about it.

At its core, it's one of those light fans that uses LED lights to create an illusion of a hologram. Usually, they're used to display clocks or even little words or notes.

Through some late-night session of going into the youtube rabbit hole of "interesting gadgets" and "cool tech you've never seen" I saw one of these kinds of fans, but displaying pictures and animations. They were shown as something stores can use to advertise or locations to add some interest. You could customize whatever was displayed on the fan to whatever you wanted. So obviously My hypno driven brain was like "woah that would be so cool with a spiral on it, it would just look like it's floating on the wall". I didn't instantly go looking for it at this point, but it was after a few more times of seeing it pop up, and looking at other videos of how it worked that I decided to try seeking one out. It took Me quite a while to find a style that I liked and a listing that I thought was fairly reputable and reliable, after all, I didn't want to spend almost $200-$500 on something that might not even work.

There were some really big ones, some you could put on stands, some with and without a protective barrier, some with 2 blades and 4 blades. I ended up settling on the one you see, one of the smaller options (they are meant for hanging on store walls after all) and with a protective cover as I was afraid of it hitting Me or My cats and being damaged.

I had found what I wanted but at the time I still couldn't afford it. It wasn't as expensive as some of the other bigger ones, but it also wasn't cheap. It sat in My wishlist for a long while (months) until finally, a sub offered to pay for it. Fuck yeah!

When it arrived I was super super excited about it. It had some demo images on it, but obviously I wanted to fill it with some hypnotic stuff. Now, I'm not super good with techy stuff and honestly, I don't have a ton of patience for it so I had another sub help Me find spirals that looped well, and then I could convert to the files that the fan reads. I tried it out for the first time and it was amazing, truly seeing it on camera is not the same as seeing it in person. You may wonder why I then didn't make a bunch of videos with it. Truthfully I wasn't super sure how to. I didn't know where to put it where it would be in frame without having to hold it the entire time, I thought it had to stay connected to the power, and there was the issue of the glare of the plastic cover and feeling like it didn't translate well enough in video. I recently found out it doesn't need to be plugged in the whole time, and that I could hold it for some short clips. So I made these two clips. One with a classic spiral and a bit of My voice, and another with a colorful pulse I felt would go well with Me singing "Trust in Me"; both in the dark.

Seeing this potential, and how much people enjoyed it, I might try playing with it again in longer formats, and not just showing bits of it. I get a lot of questions about where I found it and where they can get one, and while you can probably find some of the other versions I was talking about, I probably won't be giving out the direct link to the one I have. (Edit: After thinking about it I am providing a link to it because I think it'll be cool to see what other creative people do with it. It is an affiliate link so I get a bit from purchases, but I encourage you to explore some of the other styles of these fans!)

I am proud of how I can see hypnotic potential in many different objects, and this is just one of the many unique items I have that I enjoy using for hypno. It took a long time to go from My initial idea to finally making it happen, so I'm not giving it out so easily. Maybe some day I'll have one of the bigger versions hanging on a wall for Me to strap someone down to watch. Won't that be fun? ;)

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Goddesses Submissive Bull
01 dic 2020

I can imagine being strapped down in front of your spiral is just what the doctor calls for. Well the kinky hypnotic doctor but still

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Bb Cock
Bb Cock
04 sept 2021
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