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"How can I be notified when you stream?"

I know following everything I do can be difficult from streaming on youtube to chaturbate to when new content is available in the store, then publicly available.

After looking into it, I decided on a decent system. There's two steps.

1. Go to the Member Page and sign up if you haven't already.

  • Doing this also allows you to comment on blog posts and checkout faster.

2. Download the Wix app onto your phone and get the link to join from here

From the app you'll be able to read My blog, access the store and tribute subscriptions, but most importantly I can send notifications so you can see when I have new content available or when I am streaming and what site I am streaming on.

I figure this will be much easier than trying to keep up with every site I'm on with each notification system, which can be exhausting and cause you to miss streams you could join.

Hopefully this new little system helps!

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Antony Morris
Antony Morris
May 03, 2020

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Antony Morris
May 02, 2020

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