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Fun hypnotic toys you can get for yourself!

If you know Me, you know I really enjoy finding hypnotic objects and doodads that I feel can be fun to use to guide people down into trance. I've occasionally shown off some of these objects but here I'll share some of My favorites and where to find them!

*These are affiliate links and I earn a little from qualifying purchases.

Now, whenever I'm on a hunt for finding more cool hypnotic toys I usually look for things that fall under "cool scientific objects" or more commonly "mesmerizing desk toys". I can be a little impulsive when buying, but hey I see a cool hypno thing and I have to check it out. How can I not?? So let's see what fun mesmerizing things I've purchased, shall we?


Spiral desk toys

At some point, while I was looking for small spinny things I came across a few neat items.

One has a more spherical shape and the spiral isn't highlighted, but the form makes the swirl seem to seamlessly come from or disappear into the table as it spins. It comes in a few colors and sizes and I of course have the blue one.

The other version is a cylindrical shape, and usually has the spiral highlighted with silver. This one also has a raising/descending effect but there's a clear line between the sides and the top while it spins. Can't beat that classic spiral at the top though, and it's quite pretty to look at. The soft sound of the bearings spinning also creates a nice kind of white noise to shut your brain off to while you watch the spiral spin.

For some more space-saving spinny spirals, I found this really neat flat simple top. Now, it won't spin quite as long as the spinners above because it doesn't have any bearings, but it is still really nice!

Bonus, while looking for these items and their links I found a new interesting looking spinner that also comes in lots of colors and you know I'm absolutely going to get one for Myself. Supposedly it's "wind-powered" so when you blow on it, it will continue to spin. I'll have to see what it's like when it arrives!


Popsocket spinner

Now, I already had popsockets because My anxiety can't deal with feeling like My phone is going to fall out of My hands at any moment. So when I saw they had made some popsockets that spin... AND had spirally designs on them??? Spiral with dots, with chevrons, flowers, and even with stars!

You know I had to get it. I don't use these for day to day, because I like My moon one and the spinny ones don't work well when putting them on phone mounts. Still, it's such fun to have a pretty little spiral always on you ready to be used at any time.

Plus as someone with ADHD who tends to spin their phone with the popsocket a fair bit, the spinny one is a nice little fidget distraction too!

Keep in mind some listings do not include the base of the popsocket, so make sure you know which one you're getting! Here's the top only versions of the spiral dots, chevrons, flowers, and stars.


Fidget Spinners

Honestly, I'm surprised the hypnosis community didn't go nuts when the fidget spinner craze came and went. I know some people still find it off-putting, however, I have absolutely taken people into trance using fidget spinners and I think they are fun!

I think that light up ones could be quite mesmerizing but the ones I have are a spiral-shaped one rainbow and one (you guessed it) blue!


Flow Ring

I don't believe this is a particularly new item, but I felt it would be interesting to use it as a hypnotic tool. There is the visual aspect of seeing how it glides up and down the arms with each piece of the hoop seeming to spiral around as it travels. I think both that spiraling motion plus the motion of it going back and forth between arms, or even up and down on just one arm would be interesting to use to guide someone's focus.

The other aspect that drew Me to it was the physical bit. The feeling as it glides across your skin is mesmerizing in and of itself, feeling both tingly and soft and sometimes a little cold. I often imagined it would be cool to use this in a group of subjects where they pass it around from arm to arm, feeling their thoughts and mind slip out as it leaves their arm onto the next person.


Ball Spiral Swirl

There is a bigger version of this, but I'm going to focus on the smaller "desk" version (even though I have the big one). This little thing hangs on a stand (or wherever you want) and when it spins it creates the illusion that the crystal ball is endlessly spiraling down without ever moving downwards. It's a charming little thing to have on display, and since it is a colorful crystal ball it also looks really pretty in the light. I've been wanting to hang My big one from the ceiling where it can spin freely, I'm just a bit worried about the cats trying to get to it. Salem likes to be a little shit.


Rheoscopic Planet

During one of My many "ohh let's find hypno toys" escapades (can you tell I have them often?), I went down a rabbit hole about rheoscopic fluid and kalliroscopes. It is basically mica powder suspended in a fluid to where it shows the current/movement of the fluid when moved as the light bounces off the particles. I was able to find My nebula (which some of you might have seen, if not go check it out!) and I was able to find another interesting version called the Rheoscopic Planet.

It's a rubber/silicone sphere with the rheoscopic fluid inside that comes in a few different colors like purple, gold, blue, green, gray, and pink. Any way you spin or turn it you can see the swirls of the particles creating mesmerizing patterns. Being made of squishy material I also found it was quite fun to bounce off a wall or even to pass it around. And hence another group idea of passing around the hypno ball and the one who gets caught in the swirls as it's passed around is out and the game continues. Do I think of too many hypno situations? Maybe.

I will say in addition to this, you may have seen those "crystal balls" around Halloween time that have an internal spinner and the same mica particles that create that swirling/magical effect. Now I don't suggest tossing those around, but I do own 2 of those and they are suuuuper fun to trap minds in. I couldn't find the type I have on amazon but here's a dragon and tree styled ones so you can see what I mean!



I'm going to include some crystals because although they are a common hypno tool/trope, I've seen some interesting varieties of crystals that can be fun to explore!

Here's one with an interesting shape that not only spreads sparks of color around, but also makes a sort of illusion when spun, as if there is a bubble in the center of the crystal.

Now I know there's many many MANY different shapes and types of crystals, but the other pretty shaped one I personally have is this one that gives off a very sun/stary feel. It's much smaller but it is still a beautiful crystal to use.

Different shapes and cuts that change the way light passes through or even change how the crystal looks when being swung back and forth back and forth back and forth... well you know how it goes don't you?


I'm sure I'll find more really interesting objects that make fun hypnotic tools the next time I inevitably go down the rabbit hole of "mesmerizing gadgets" and whatnot. Maybe I'll keep adding to the growing list of objects I have and want to share with you guys!

Which ones are your favorites? Did I miss some cool items? Let Me know and I'll have to give them a look!

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