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Ways to make your space more hypnotic

I enjoy creating spaces that reflect that which I'm passionate about, which means I have a lot of hypnotic stuff around My room and My office. So why not share it? Whether you have to be a bit subtle or you don't care who sees that big ol spiral on your wall, maybe some of these things inspire you to express these passions and create a mesmerizing space.

*These are affiliate links and I earn a little from qualifying purchases.


Crystals. All the crystals

I don't think it's a secret that I loveeee crystals. I have a variety of hanging ones, from tiny to giant. I have a few that sit on My windowsill, some small and one just enormously big.

Hanging crystals in a sunny window both makes them really sparkly, and can sometimes cause lovely rainbows to dance around your room. Even the ones that sit on the windowsill cause such pretty lights to dance around at certain times of day, when the sunlight hits it.

Fair warning though, one time I noticed My big crystal (placed on a desk next to the window) had caused a burn spot on My table where the crystal caused the light to focus. Thankfully it was alright but be cautious about where you place your crystals!


Window Accessories

Something like this can also add that colorful rainbow effect to your room. I've seen both stickers and a film for the whole window.

I removed the curtains in My office (because... plants) and I put this film up on the windows for privacy and rainbows. I even cut up some of the remaining and put them as little shapes in other parts of the window pane. The lights coming through these won't be as mobile or shifty as crystals are, but the effect is still lovely.

There are other options for smaller patches of rainbow light such as these stickers that come in various shapes and have a similar effect to the film mentioned above. If you don't want one that is like a sticker there are also these suncatchers that suction onto the window.


Sequin pillows

Another subtle but dazzling way to take advantage of sunlight is with sequin pillows that come in such an array of colors and designs. Besides being a fun tactile thing, I noticed that the two pillows on My rocking chair would be hit with sunlight in the late afternoon, causing these brilliant scatters of light to spread across My office. It was always My favorite time of day and made Me feel really calm and serene.

I've also made a short clip before using the effect from these pillows and gently pressing them to cause the lights to shift. It's really fun to play with.


....More lights....

I know some people have those night light type things that project moving colorful lights onto the ceiling or wall. I don't have much to add to that, they're pretty colorful moving lights what more do you want? Wait till it's dark, put on your favorite audio, turn that sucker on, and get lost in the pretty lights! There's some with speakers, some that have designs, lots of options! Go nuts!



Sometimes you just need a big ol spiral on the wall. Can't go wrong there! Personally I'm running out of wall space so I use My spiral tapestries as a background for videos and photos. There are lots of spiral/optical illusion type tapestry designs out there but here's the one I got for Myself!


Pocketwatch displays

Even outside of hypnosis, pocketwatches are just beautiful. Shouldn't they get a nice display? Nonhypno people will just see a really pretty pocket watch and hypno people see that magical little thing that can easily take minds away.

For the bulk of My collection, I store them in a box like this, that has little compartments and leaves them still visible. But that wasn't enough for My prized watches, they deserved better.

So I got these pocket watch stands to display them on. Now they look so much more elegant and are easy to take out when it's time to take some minds.

There are some other display designs that have the watch hanging, or protected with glass but I chose this more open and light design.


Kinetic pieces

There are so many fun ways to have moving mesmerizing pieces in your space! There are examples like this hanging glass ball spiral that I mentioned in this post. Adding subtle movement and light to the room, and just being a lovely piece in general.

There are these puzzle type pieces that I'm going to get and try Myself, and from doing some similar type "wood puzzles" in the past, they are fun to assemble and see how they work.

There are some fun kinetic wall art pieces, sometimes custom made and often fairly expensive. I previously bought an instruction template from someone on how to make My own kinetic wall piece, but I haven't gotten around to making it. Maybe someday I will.

Oh! Can't forget this helix you can spin or just display. I personally wish that they could spin continuously, but that would also mess up the effect it does have, I feel. Regardless it does look fun to play with and fidget with.



Is that a self-promotion plug I hear? Sure is! You can always add pieces of art to your space, either done by you or by your favorite artists! It can be something subtle like this picture of a pocket watch, or something more direct like a picture of your favorite hypnotist.

No, but really, if you do decide to get art from artists make sure you get it directly from them or wherever they sell their art so you know they're being compensated for their hard work!


These are just some things I tend to do in My own spaces, but there are so many ways you can express your passions and your vibe through your space. Be creative and let Me know what you come up with!

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