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Have you ever been so engrossed in a book, that everything else completely disappears?

Time passes by without you realizing because you are only consuming the words

Everything that isn’t written word is momentarily forgotten

And all you can focus on are the words

All you want to focus on are the words

You just have to keep reading and reading without wanting to stop because you need to see where the words will take you

You completely forget all other thoughts as you read and the only thing in your mind is reading more

Experiencing the wonderful feelings reading the words brings you

Sinking yourself deeper into the words as you allow your mind to visualize them to life

Grand tales, great adventures, tense moments, quiet moments, you feel them all

Completely losing yourself to the world within the words

Lovely, lovely words

Enchanting words

Before you know it you can’t stop reading them

You just have to keep going, letting wonderful words fill your mind

Beautiful words

Craving and anticipating the next words

Enjoying the pleasure of mentally consuming the words

As you do now with mine

My lovely, lovely words

Relaxing words

Enchanting words

Notice how nice it feels to read my words

To allow them to sink into your mind

To crave reading more and more of them

To feel your body respond as I tell you now that you feel heavy and relaxed

To silently nod as you realize what a thrill it is to continue reading my words

To enjoy the pleasure of having my words in your mind, swirling around and around and around

To feel everything else around you become fuzzy and distant as you read

To feel yourself caught by my words

Needing more

Craving more

To keep this feeling going, of reading more and more of my pretty words

Words that make you feel warm and nice

Words that make you feel engaged and focused

Words that make your mind feel light like you are floating

While my words sink deeper into you

While your body sinks deeper into blissfulness

Enjoying this moment where the only thing that fills your mind is my words

Where everything else doesn’t matter and you can be at peace as you read

More and more of my enchanting words

I’m sure, dear reader, that you’ll notice the next time you read my words they are lovely

to read and easy to accept in your mind.

And as we come to a close, and my words are close to ending

You’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and wonderful, a common side effect of enjoying my words.

And if you miss my words, no worries dear pet.

You know where to find them again

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