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Thinking is so hard

Thinking is exhausting

Trying to keep track of everything

Worrying about everything

Thinking uses so much precious energy

It leaves you feeling so tired


There are better things to be drained by

Thinking becomes so difficult

So tiring

Wouldn’t you rather stop thinking completely?

Only for a while

That would be so much better wouldn’t it

Like shutting your mind off

Being blank and empty


That’s what you crave isn’t it?

Permission to be allowed to stop thinking

To go blank



Like an off switch

Turning your mind off

Your thoughts off

Because thinking is just too hard

And good pets don’t need to think

You don’t need to think

You’d rather be mindless 

And obedient

Where instead of thoughts, your mind is filled with my words

With my voice

With my eyes

And whereas it’s too hard to think, it’s much easier to obey

To submit

Where thinking makes you feel tired and drained

Mindlessness makes you feel good

Feels natural

Feels right

So why don’t we shut off your thoughts for a while

Get you to your rightful state of mind

Blank and obedient

After all

You don’t need to think

Do you?

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