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Why submit?

Why do you submit? Because you enjoy the thrill of being taken. You’re tired of thinking for yourself. You want to serve someone else. To make them happy. Because you want to be owned, you want to belong to someone. You want your mind easily pulled away by someone’s words, their gaze. Because you want to be toyed with, teased, messed with, melted until you can only do as you’re told.

Why submit?

Because you live for it

Because you love it

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David Jarrett
David Jarrett
Oct 19, 2022

truer words have never been said Goddess submission is bliss as someone has said already when life gets tough submission lets the troubles go away replaced by wonderful obedience and obedience is pleasure and i never have gotten more pleasure from anyone else than i do from you Goddess


Goddesses Submissive Bull
Dec 01, 2020

Absolutely sums it up. Whenever life gets hard submission is bliss. Even when life is easy it can be bliss


Sep 13, 2020

Parece que sepas como funciona mi mente


Feb 01, 2020

It's true, I absolutely love submitting to You.

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