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Domestic servitude

I often find that the sweet little mundane ways of serving are very appealing to Me. Part of My goal and My fantasy is to have a sub (or more) serve Me in day to day life, not just the extra juicy sexy stuff.

Honestly even when I was younger and thought I would end up in a vanilla relationship, a lot of these elements were still part of My ideal relationship. Like a doting kind of relationship you see where the guy would do absolutely anything for the girl, always doing thoughtful little things for her to make her life easier. I still want that, obviously, but with a bit more power dynamic.

Things that when doing for yourself feel mundane and boring, but doing it for your Domme makes it so much easier to do. How doing things like laundry or washing dishes or cleaning the house can feel annoying to do for yourself, but when you do it for Her it gives you purpose. You want to make Her life easier, why should a beautiful divine being like Her have to do mundane things like that when Her doting subs like you can take care of it for Her so she can simply relax.

Working to make Her home beautiful, and a meal that makes Her smile. Drawing a bath for her to relax in. Taking care of things She shouldn't need to worry about.

When you get to fetch something for Her, make Her a drink or a snack, when you get the chance to take a task or burden off Her shoulders. If your submission revolves around making Her your world, wanting to do anything for Her, domestic service is only natural.

Whether I have one or multiple subs living with Me in the future, I will absolutely enjoy the domestic relaxed side of their servitude. And I hope they also enjoy serving Me in this way.

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David Jarrett
David Jarrett
Oct 19, 2022

i would love to take you up on that Goddess if i ever can but its not my place to say what i want as a unproven pet

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