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It's 2 am and I've just finished altering a dress My friend bought Me on a whim. It was lovely and I enjoyed it but I didn't like the sleeves all gathered up with an elastic. So, I changed it. Unpicked the seam, took out the elastic, and then sewed the seam back up. Such a simple little change... but I did it. My own stitches now woven into the fabric of this garment. Changed to suit Me, what I wanted.

In My family, I am the mender. The maker. I create things, I fix things. The wide range of interests My ADHD draws Me towards are silly until someone seems to need it. I've fixed up plants, clothes, tears, wooden things, metal things, chains, crystals, so many things that just need some direction to be put back together. Often times things that need to be taken apart to be fixed up and put back together like new.

Though My direction in life hasn't always been very clear, I've always been one to work with My hands. To change things, make them grow, make them better, make them work how I want them to work. Take out the contents, fill the cracks with glue and clean it up until it's seamless. Carefully sewing delicate hems by hand that no one else will notice, simply because that's how I want it to be. I'll know. Making and crafting to form what it is that I want because I know how I want it.

Is it really any surprise then, that as the Mender I want to shape and mold minds too? To empty out all the nonsense and build back up with what remains, but how I want it. Weaving words, filling thoughts, growing allure. To make it into something that suits Me. Shaping you to suit Me.

I wonder how you experience it. To be gently taken apart and put back together, but with little changes. Seamless things that add up to something handmade and lovely. If you can feel My hands holding the weave of your mind taut as I unpick and restitch as I please. To refashion what existed into something more suited to My desires. How does it feel to be shaped like that?

To have a Goddess mend the fabric of your mind, and change you?

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Can you please follow me on tic toc. Thank you goddess


Nichole Ginsberg

My Goddess I very much enjoy the things you do for me. my thoughts and feelings have been much changed since I became you're pet and I love them. I now know the joy of serving, and of being owned, please keep it up and know how much I appreciate it

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