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Expectations of perfection and purity on women

I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I have PCOS, which makes it very easy to gain weight and very hard to lose it. Even with a super "healthy" lifestyle. So something I've been considering is treatments like "Cool sculpting" and Liposuction and things like that. To both help jump start a bit with weight loss (honestly I've improved a lot health wise so yay) and also for the figure I see Myself as in My head.

I think people's first reaction to that is to be all "Oh no but you're perfect the way you are, don't be like a plastic barbie and love yourself" and whatnot. (Similar, I feel, to when fat women call themselves fat in which the response is to assure them that they aren't fat but beautiful. That's a different topic though.) Which to some extent, yes, not feeling pressured to change your appearance and learning to love yourself is important.

And while I had that little voice in My head telling Me those things about loving My natural self and not changing Myself, I started thinking. That's dumb. Firstly because we change naturally all the time from puberty, to medical surgeries, to accidents, to childbirth. We don't really have one "natural" way of being.

Secondly, we change "natural" things about ourselves all the time. We get our teeth fixed, wisdom teeth removed, we adorn ourselves with tattoos and piercings, we remove and replace organs when damaged or failing, we dye our hair and cut it and style it, we take pills and medicine to fix things our body isn't doing properly. Hell personally I've had ovarian cysts removed, gotten lasik, take pills for depression and ADHD, I have tattoos and dye My hair.

I've changed so many things about Myself for various reasons. I even considered a gastric sleeve for a period of time. So why when it comes to the idea of treating areas of fat on My body do I get this objection of "purity". The idea that doing so makes Me "fake" or "pretending". That's stupid.

I want to do it to make Me feel really good, and to help Me achieve My goals. I'm not pressured into doing it by anyone, it's My own desire. I don't want to look like a barbie but even if I did so what? Who cares if someone else thinks that makes someone "fake" while no one in our society is "pure" in that sense. Why do we put this idea of absolute purity on women in just about every aspect.

If I'm not comfortable with something about Myself that is out of My control, and I'm not being pressured to do it and not putting My self worth and happiness on it... then why the fuck not? I haven't let anyone else's opinion stop Me from adorning and expressing My body however I want, why should I start now.

I can both love Myself and be confident now, while still wanting to achieve My own vision. It will still be Me, with all My imperfections and perfections. I will do whatever I please with My temple.

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