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"How can I become your mindless pet?"

I receive this question very frequently, and I try to address it often and answer it as best I can but truthfully it is very difficult. Why?

There isn't a proper answer to this question.

Now, some dommes may have a stricter procedure and proper instructions for those seeking to serve and be owned by them. So I'm not going to speak for them, simply for Myself.

Simply put, I don't have specific requirements for those wanting to be Mine. How do I choose then? Partially by said sub to prove themselves, as well as judging our chemistry and vibe together. Sometimes that takes a while to get to, sometimes it can happen very quickly and there is no real way to calculate it.

I know that can seem a bit confusing when you're trying to reach a goal, but just as every domme is different I know every sub is different. I don't expect the same thing from each of My subs, so how can I have a single way of choosing someone? I treat My subs differently depending on what I know they are into, and how I see them.

For instance, I am into findom and coerced bi but I don't do that with every sub because not all of them are into it, and I don't expect it of them. How I feel with a sub will heavily dictate what I do with them/to them, it isn't something that I offer to be bought and it can't always be done with everyone.

All that being said, I'll tell you some tips that will help your chances of pleasing Me and maybe catching My attention. Keeping these things in mind will be helpful in trying to impress Me, and will usually also be a good start with other dommes.



I'm not famous or anything, but I am very very open on My social media. Read through My posts, read My FAQ. Find out if our interests align at all, what kind of person I am, what I am like, how I enjoy dominating, how I enjoy being served, if I am even interested in your kinks. I am an open book and I post very frequently about My interests and My thoughts. Messaging Me with questions I've answered in many places, or with desires I've stated I'm not into shows a lack of interest in who I am as well as a lack of effort into looking at these platforms with easy information I've put a lot of work into.

First Impressions

Eagerness and excitement is understandable, and I don't blame you for it. However do still remember that I am a person and I do not exist to please you. Show that you have learned about Me. Don't try to bait Me, I'm not into those trying to provoke Me into dominating or hypnotizing them. Call Me by My correct title which is Goddess, not mistress, not queen, not princess. Just Goddess, with a capital G. Don't ask questions I've already answered. By this I mean things like "How old are you" or other things that are at least visible on My bio. Some things I can forgive like how I got into hypnosis or what other kinks I'm into, as some of that information take more searching. But showing that you've done that research and you have a better idea of what I like instantly impresses and pleases Me.


This feeds into first impressions but extends to the rest of any interactions. Don't start demanding things. Don't send a dick pic. Don't ask for nudes or free content. Don't start writing a whole erotic fanfiction in My DM's about what you want to do to me, or what you want Me to do to you. If I correct you on something, such as My title, do not argue about it just correct it. I am a domme and while I do not expect everyone to instantly treat Me as their domme, I still expect respect.


I know this is shocking, but I have a life. I'm online often but not 24/7. If I have not responded to your message DO NOT start spamming Me. If I have said I will check something for you, or show you something and I take a while BE PATIENT. Throwing a tantrum when you haven't gotten your way fast enough is a fast track to being blocked completely. I am not in the habit of purposefully ignoring people's messages. I usually message eventually, if not I might have just simply forgotten and you can gently remind Me.

Focus on My desires

If you want your fetish fulfilled, there are providers you can pay to engage in your fantasy. I am not. I am here for Me, for My pleasure, for My desire. If you truly want to serve Me, to be owned by Me then you have to show Me that you are actually interested in My desires over yours. If you have a kink I'm not compatible with and I'm not interested in indulging in, don't beg for it over and over. Instead of asking what I'd do to you, think about what you can do to make Me happy. Don't just constantly ask what I want since if I want you to do something, I will tell you. Instead actively try to do things to please Me, I will be patient and tell you what I have or haven't enjoyed.

Engage with content

I may not provide services like sessions or fetish play I'm not interested in, but I do produce content. Content I want to make, of course. This ranges from videos to hypno files to pictures and clips of Myself. Engage with My content, buy My content. Subscribe to My StarsAVN or follow if you can't afford it, shop files or artwork on here, comment on My videos or posts, add a testimonial, try to catch youtube or chaturbate streams, hell even engaging on twitter or tumblr posts of Mine brings you to My attention. I notice when people are active and clearly enjoying what I work so hard on. Doing so makes you stand out to Me much more than just lurking.

Don't ghost

I feel like this should be obvious but if you want to be Mine, don't regret and disappear for no reason. I'm not talking about life getting in the way or needing to take a break or just being very busy (though I always appreciate some warning or explanation). I mean full on disappearing for no reason with no warning, then coming back months later apologizing and begging to be taken back. If you have a concern or issue, speaking with Me about it to address or resolve it shows a lot more maturity and respect for My feelings than leaving and hoping I'll take you back later.

Just... show effort and your unique self

Like I said, every sub is different. I don't know what you can do for Me besides the basics, that is something you have to figure out. You have to show Me what you can do to please Me, to show Me what makes you unique both as a sub and as a person. You don't have to have some super talent or anything, but showing that you have been thoughtful about what could please Me, showing effort and motivation in gaining My favor. Be yourself.


That being said I won't always connect with everyone who reaches out to Me. If we don't connect as Domme and sub, that is totally ok. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, just that I am not the right domme for you. I would rather you find someone who suits you better than trying to force a connection where there is none. You are more than welcome to still enjoy My content, or chat with Me or anything like that.

Best of luck!

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