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The Nebula

Sometimes I enjoy watching those "10 amazing science gadgets!!!" videos when I am bored. Sometimes they make for interesting hypnotic ideas, as many of them are mesmerizing in some way.

So watching one of these videos I find a cool thing called a kalliroscope and I am fascinated. A rheoscopic fluid that shows the movement of liquid using a shiny powder. I was infatuated. Who doesn't love hypnotic colorful swirls to stare at.

Enthralled, I searched around the internet for some version of a kalliroscope that I liked. I found this one, and was very excited to buy it. It's incredibly fun and relaxing to watch. To observe how the swirls reflect the light and shine so hypnotically.

Oh the day when I sit someone down and instruct them to just watch as i spin My blue nebula while I softly speak to their mind will be such a fun one.

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Playing with a nebula

Here's a full clip of the fun I had on My recent stream with My nebula. You can expect more videos with it and other hypno toys in the future clip store.

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Dec 14, 2019

The movement is compelling, but it's the giggle which melts my resistance so entirely.

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