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This isn't hypnosis

It’s just simple words

And simple words wouldn’t be enough to get you right?

Words are just words and absolutely don’t have the ability to slowly stick deep into your mind

Simple commands wouldn’t be enough to make you obey would they?

Of course not your will is much much stronger than that. 

If someone started describing how good it feels to obey, to submit yourself to someone else’s control

To feel your mind drifting and becoming heavier and slower

To go from being able to think perfectly fine to struggling just to put together the simplest thought

To find yourself blank and mindless and ready to obey every command

But of course such simple descriptions wouldn’t affect you at all

Doesn’t make you crave those feelings

Doesn’t make you softly start to slip as you read and accept every word

Doesn’t make you want to go deeper into blissful submission


To be a good obedient pet

After all these are just words

And you’re just reading them

This wouldn’t have any effect on you

This won’t make you trancy




This won’t make you crave to obey

To submit

To serve and please the one who controls your thoughts

After all these are just words

And you just want to be a good pet

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2 commenti

04 gen 2020

Have to be very careful reading Your words Goddess they are so Powerful, and Your voice is within already and making changes each sentence...

Mi piace

14 dic 2019

So compelling Goddess, thank You.

Mi piace
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