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To make a cockslut

Often it starts with a curiosity. Wondering how it might feel to have those thoughts implanted in your head. To be slowly turned to finding in pleasure you currently don't. Wondering how it will affect you. How easy it might be to completely rewrite your mind to this new pleasure.

Curiosity increases. Thinking about it more. Growing thoughts. Watching porn and wondering what it would feel like to touch those cocks. To enjoy being a cockslut. To ponder how good it might feel when your mind is completely fixated on just pleasing a cock. Putting a finger or two in your mouth to try and see how it feels to have your mouth filled. Fantasizing more and more.

Curiosity leads to desire. Starting to find arousal at the idea. Buying a dildo to feel more in your mouth. To stroke and admire and mindlessly suck. Feeling it fill your mind the more you think about it. Maybe experimenting with how it might feel in your ass. Finding yourself thinking about cock, focusing on cock. Feeling more pleasure the more you do it, the more you fill yourself, the more you suck, the more you look at cock.

Desire leads to addiction. You need cock. You want it. It feels so good to be filled and you feel so so empty without it. You've embraced your pleasure as a cockslut. You crave pleasing a real cock, if you haven't already. You enjoy being a cockslut. You love playing with your dildo, fucking your mouth and your mind. Removing every silly little thought with each thrust of having your mouth blissfully filled.

It can be so so easy to change your desires, your kinks, your pleasures to My whim. So easy to turn your mind against you to condition yourself for Me. To amuse Me. You are simply the clay I mold however I wish.

And sometimes I just enjoy making a good little cockslut.

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1 Comment

David Jarrett
David Jarrett
Oct 18, 2022

i love being a cockslut for my Goddess every night i worship my Goddess my ass filled and my mouth just begging to suck cock for Goddess soon it will get a second dildo to feed that desire to be filled in both ends

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