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A show of power

Sometimes silly little pets don't seem to understand just how much control I can have over their minds, and doubt My power. Such silly mindless toys.

So one such time I decided to prove to My mindless plaything just what I could do to his mind if it pleased Me.

He wondered how I was able to melt someone else's mind and I explained that when My words shape his reality both in and out of trance, I can do anything. I told him he suddenly felt a gag in his mouth and how arousing it felt for him, and he felt it. Removing this hypnotic gag, he expressed how good and intense it felt.

I continued by explaining how I could toy with his emotions, his sensations, anything I wanted. Because My words are his reality. My will is his reality.

Making him think about My perfect soft lips, intensifying the feeling to a temporary obsession. Making My lips become the center of his world, desperate to do anything to admire them. And then just as easily as I gave him the obsession, I took it away. Returned to normal.

While he was a bit stunned I told him he was now just completely infatuated with Me. Head over heels, fully in love, excited to just be in My presence. I watched him eagerly type adoration after adoration, proclaiming his love and devotion for Me. Doubling and tripling his devotion until finally letting those feelings go back to normal.

He began to admit and admire the power I really had over him, but I wasn't finished with My fun. I told him I could also make him obsessed with things he wouldn't normally be interested in.

Planting a strong desire for cock, to see it, to feel it, to need it, to be a helpless little cockslut. How easily his needs changed when reading My words. Making him desperate and eager to be fucked like a slut, craving cum all over him. Begging for it, needing it more than anything. Then as easily as I had given it to him, I took it away and the cravings disappeared.

At this point he was very aroused and so in awe of just how easily his mind bent to My will, almost asking Me to let him suck his fingers during his cock obsession. I decided to continue. Making him now obsessed with My feet, which neither of us are super into, but amusing in a temporary setting. I made him crave to massage them, feel them, worship them. Planting the idea that a Goddess shouldn't even have to walk as to not sully My pretty feet. He began begging to see as he became more and more obsessed with them.

Finally after allowing him to see them and letting him feel some pleasure, I switch his obsession to My hair. All the more obsessed each time. Letting him proclaim his new desires to feel My hair, smell it, gently run his fingers through it. In love with how perfect My hair looked on Me.

Just as quickly as I had given it to him, it was switched once again. Changing those intense feelings to the idea of grinding. Grinding his silly mind away absolutely anywhere. He stated how he just couldn't resist. How good it would feel. What an honor it would be to grind for Me.

Returning those obsessions back to normal, I told him I could mess with his status as well. He was a bit confused but mostly just incredibly aroused. I told him I could make him feel very very dominant. He seemed a bit unsure, but realizing My words are his reality, he accepted it. He felt it. I was still above him but in his dominance he felt he deserved to have someone serving him, craving their submission. He wanted control, his pleasure provided by someone on their knees ready to submit to his every command. Having someone wrapped around his finger, so eager to obey and do anything for him.

Then I made all those dominant feelings turn to submission, even catching him mid dominant sentence. Though since he was already (and still remains) very submissive towards Me, it wasn't too far off from his original state. So I allowed him to go back to normal to chat with him about the experience, which both of us found ourselves very aroused from.

We both enjoyed the experience immensely, both the show of power and exploring some quick intense obsessions and pleasures. We discussed how he felt during each part of obsession, and ultimately both enjoyed the control I had over him.

A control that I absolutely still have over his mind.

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Dec 14, 2019

Wow, even reading this i felt that power, and those desires racing through me as You mentioned them.

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