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When you click with a sub super well it becomes so much easier to have a really enjoyable time.

With one such sub, we had some really fun experiences. He felt he was very analytical but melted quite easily in My hands, and I was able to do fun things to his mind. He had a nice dildo so I started with making him crave to have it in his mouth more and more. Making him desperate and needy to have it fill his poor empty mouth.

After some begging I would allow him to finally put the dildo in his mouth, gently thrusting it in and out. While he did this I continued giving him suggestions. Telling him how good it felt, how much pleasure it gave him, how easy it felt.

And then of course, the suggestion that the dildo was thrusting into his brain pushing all other thoughts out. Being quite literally mindfucked. Slowly making the "thrusts" into his mind more and more intense, you could see on his face how much pleasure he was feeling.

I made the imaginary cock in his brain cum all over his empty little mind, which led to an accidental trigger. Whenever I reminded him of this (imaginary) cum in his mind and how warm and pleasurable it felt, he would get quite horny and mindless.

I enjoyed that imagery and experience so much that I did it many other times, both with him and other subs.

If I ever get the chance to do it in person sometime, maybe with a strapon or just a dildo, I will absolutely be literally mindfucking again.

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David Jarrett
David Jarrett
Oct 19, 2022

what a lucky pet you treat your pets so well Goddess

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