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Bathtime Fantasy

I'll be relaxing in a nice big bathtub, candles and sweet scents around Me. I get to just relax while My pets take care of everything for Me. Music fills the room as I giggle and softly sing along, just enjoying Myself.

One pet is off in the kitchen making a lovely dinner for Me, they've been well trained to My tastes and they know how to cook delicious food for Me. Sometimes they come in to refill My drink or give Me some fruit to enjoy while I relax.

At My feet is a pet massaging My legs with a sugar scrub, making My skin tingle as they simply focus on massaging Me. Gently feeling My skin get softer and My divine shape under their hands.

Another pet is at My head, brushing My hair gently. Detangling every little bit and enjoying the softness of My wet curls. They massage My scalp while treating My lovely curls to make them soft and lush.

Occasionally I decide to tease the pets serving Me, or maybe one (or more) who kneels serving simply as My entertainment. Maybe I'll tease them with My divinity hidden under some soapy bubbles. Maybe I'll fuck their mind while I'm being pampered, reminding them just how helpless they are to My voice, My words, My everything.

Maybe I'll make them beg to pamper Me more, to massage Me or to have the honor of washing some other part of Me. Maybe they'll all be slowly losing their thoughts listening to My song, focused only on My pleasure.

As it should be.

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