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How did I get into Hypno?

It seems the "origin story" for how many of us got or developed this kink can be wildly different, and still have similar elements. A fairly common one is from watching the Jungle Book and feeling some type of way about the Kaa hypno scene. Others have some different moment where they realized something was up with how they felt about mind control.

Some people, like Me, don't really have a definitive moment. It just slowly developed over time. There are so many scenes in all types of media that bring up hypnosis or mind control in some way shape or form. It's even considered a writing trope to explore different dynamics for characters.

I can't say I remember exactly what age I started getting into hypno. I remember so many scenes from so many shows and books that allowed My interest to build and build. It always fascinated and aroused Me. It's felt like I've just had the kink forever.

There's a few scenes I could name that stick to My mind when trying to remember what started it all, but the franchise I feel most cemented it for Me was a book series called "Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism". It mostly focused on eye hypnosis, which is what I enjoy most.

As I grew older and continued enjoying whatever hypno scenes in media I came across, I also started trying to figure out how to do it Myself. As in every fantasy I had I was always the hypnotist, never the subject. Through that journey I would look at youtube videos, try to read information about it, just try to get a feel for how it worked.

I gave up for a while until I decided to give it another shot. I was anxious and afraid I would make a fool of Myself so I started out on an anonymous app, Whisper. There I tried doing basic inductions and getting feedback from My subjects. From there I was invited into a kik hypno group, where I met My first real sub.

I spent a long time on kik, becoming more and more confident in My abilities, using pictures and clips of My eyes as well as generic spiral gifs to weave a web of words around silly little minds. I joined more groups, made more friends in the small community, as well as some "enemies". I enjoyed being around people who experienced the same arousal and fascination with hypno that I did.

Eventually I decided to use tumblr as a means to "archive" My images and clips, so My subs could enjoy them over and over. Not too long after I got a microphone paid by one of My early subs, which also began My first real taste of findom. With this microphone I started recording My voice, trying to find My style. I still use this microphone.

I continued recording files when the inspiration hit Me, and posting lots of pictures and gifs with little hypnotic captions. People in the tumblr hypno community continued to find Me and seemed to enjoy My content.

From there I just continued to grow and expand, finding more facets of the community and getting to interact with more people. Even finding and creating a little community of My own.

I have really enjoyed this journey, and I honestly can't imagine My life without hypnosis even from the beginning. I'm so glad you all continue to enjoy and support My work, and I hope you will continue to do so as I keep going down this lovely spiraling road

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Good Pet
Good Pet
05. Okt. 2019

Thank you for sharing this, Goddess :)

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