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You need to submit

You crave it

You can’t help yourself

You’re just so tired of having control

You want to give it up for a little while

or maybe forever

Give it to someone superior

Then you can be free

Free of thought

Free of choices

Free of the burden of having free will

Only ever focused on serving and pleasing the one who owns you

The one you devote yourself to

Because submission is freedom

Obedience is pleasure

And we both know that need to submit will only get stronger and stronger

You can’t resist it

You crave it

It consumes you

You need to submit

You must submit

You will submit

Let go


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Jan 04, 2020

i need to submit, Goddess knows best what is good for me, no need to think.. Submit, Worship, Obey...


Jan 01, 2020

Yes Goddess. You understand my needs. You shape my needs. You are my needs.

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