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First irl hypno experience

I haven't gotten to do a whole lot of hypno in person, and My first experience was.... something.

A guy I met online and casually talked with. We decided to meet in a public place. I had told him about My interest in hypnosis and he seemed curious about it.

Getting a feel for how he was as a person showed Me he was pretty chill but also so snarky and sarcastic that a normal induction wouldn't work on him without him interrupting with commentary.

So I decided to take a more direct route. Stroking his cock up and down, I was finally able to keep his focus. So I kept going. Telling him to focus on the movement of My hand up and down on his cock over and over. Continually talking in a soft tone of voice while stroking him.

Telling him how nice it felt to focus on that pleasure. How easy it was to let that pleasure consume him as he listened to My voice. How soft and lovely My voice sounded in his head.

I continued repeating along this line of thinking, focusing on pleasure, My hand, My voice. And it was working, I could see him going under for Me.

I gave him a few suggestions, like general feelings of submission and obedience, as well as feeling extra subby when I gently held his chin. Then I woke him to see if any of it stuck.

They did work, but only for a few times. For the few times they did work, it was a lot of fun. He isn't much of a subject (or a sub either) but I think he enjoyed the experience.

We still talk sometimes and he likes to tease and call Me "The Goddess".

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