Will I ever be nude?

Honestly? Probably not fully nude ever. I know there are quite a few people who would love and do anything to see Me fully nude, but truthfully it isn't something I'm comfortable with or interested in.

While I am personally working on My growth and increasing self confidence, I probably still wouldn't make content fully nude. Even just aesthetically, I enjoy seeing My body clothed in some way. Using it to draw attention where I wish to lure you into My spell, using it to enhance My form and My beauty. I like being able to tease and be sensual rather than explicitly sexual.

I like seeing Myself as sensual and captivating and alluring and My images reflect that. You're more likely to see images of Myself in underwear than fully nude, save for the rare pic of My lovely breasts.

In all My content, My pics, My clips, My livestreams I will most likely never be fully nude, because that's not how I'm comfortable. However I will always be luring and teasing your mind into the pleasure of serving and worshipping Me and every little inch do allow you to see.

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